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Coffee Benefits And Downside

Coffee,To some, it's just another beverage, but to others it's the only way to start the day. For millions of people, their morning ritual consist of, even demands, a cup of coffee. As intoxicating and invigorating the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee is, one must at some point wonder; Why am I so driven to drink this every morning? Is this good for me?

Before you make that decision, continue to read below. What you find in this article may shock you.

Coffee might not only be your wake-up call for the morning, but it may even stave off death. That's right. For reasons unknown, coffee drinkers, rather it be caffeinated or not, live longer. This may be due to some ?wizard magic? the ancient drink has, or it could be as simple as lifestyle. Most coffee drinkers have 9 to 5 jobs. This means these fortunate people are awake during the daylight hours and asleep when the sun is down. Regular sleeping hours are imperative to healthy living.

But wait. There's more. Coffee may reduce your chances of cancer, particularly in the private parts area. According to a 2011 study, men who drank 6 or more cups a day lowered their risk of prostate cancer by as much as 20 percent. Women who drank 4 or more cups a day lowered their risk of endometrial by as much as 25 percent. Those are astounding finds. It's enough to make a person want to live at Starbucks.

So, coffee can lower our risk of cancer. So what? Sunscreen does the same thing. But what about those predisposed to diabetes? A 2012 study discovered a compound in coffee that can actually block a substance in the body that may play a role in diabetes. You can drink either caffeinated or decaffeinated. If you're predisposed to diabetes, pick up some coffee. An ounce of prevention, right?

A 2009 study found that coffee drinkers were less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer disease. Studies showed that in rats, the smell of coffee actually reduced the stress associated with lack of sleep. According to these facts, coffee is good for your brain.

A study in the journal "Cancer Research" demonstrated that people who drank caffeinated coffee had a lower instance of skin cancer. No one knows why. More studies will have to be done. Another allusive study showed that people who drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day had a 25 percent less chance of dying of skin cancer.

But before you stock up on coffee, there are other facts to take into consideration.

Consumption of unfiltered coffee, as found in espresso, has been associated with people suffering from high cholesterol. If you suffer from heart disease of any kind, it's best to steer away from coffee. Coffee is a known stimulant that can cause heart palpitations and other unwanted side effects.

Caffeinated coffee is addictive. Unless you have suffered the side effects of detoxing from caffeine, you can't imagine the difficulty involved in kicking this habit. You may suffer muscle aches, upset stomach and the worst headache you could ever imagine. Kicking a caffeine addiction can make you physically ill. Some people have reported being out of sorts for at least 6 days. The most bothersome symptom reported was a headache that some rated as severe.

Coffee seems to be an elixir that modern day medicine cannot agree upon. All good things in moderation. That is the key. If you use coffee as a stimulant to wake you up or as an alternative to conventional medicines, keep in mind that there are health risk as well as benefits.

What are some other factors to consider before consumption? Have you considered reading the label and researching the producer? Some coffees can contain contaminants such as pesticides and additives. You could consider purchasing organic coffee.

The different coffee beverages served at your local coffee shop can be detrimental to health and counterproductive to dieters due to the high sugar content. Which will likely be converted by the body into fat resulting in weight gain and elevated blood pressure. Is it really necessary to add whipping cream or other additives containing excessive sugar levels? It is best to think before you drink.

Drink your coffee in the morning. Know that it is loaded with anti-oxidants and other benefits. But remember to much of a good thing can work against you when trying to be healthy.

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