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Coffee Storage - How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

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Coffee Storage - How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Coffee storage/freshness retention is an important consideration for all coffee lovers. Storing your coffee properly will help ensure that it keeps its flavor over a longer period of time. There are a few things to keep in mind. One, any type of storage must be airtight, and also keep moisture out. It must also block out light, and your coffee must be kept in a cool location. Protecting your coffee from any of these elements will help ensure that it stays fresh and full of flavor.

An important part of coffee storage/freshness retention involves making sure it's properly stored soon after opening. Ceramic or opaque glass containers work well for coffee that will be stored out on a counter. You can also use a container made from some type of non-reactive metal. If using metal, make sure the container has an airtight gasket. If you do decide to use clear plastic or glass, be sure to store your coffee in a pantry or cupboard. Cabinets and pantries that aren't near direct sunlight or a heat source are ideal storage locations. Avoid putting coffee in a freezer or fridge unless special precautions are taken, because these are too moist.

Another thing to know about coffee storage/freshness retention is that coffee only stays fresh and tasty for a limited period of time. Many recommend only buying whole beans that you grind yourself. When you do buy ground coffee, only buy it in vacuum-sealed cans and bags. Self-serve displays leave the coffee beans too exposed to air and light. Most coffee enthusiasts suggest only buying coffee in two-week supplies to help ensure that it retains its flavor. In the event you do have to freeze a small amount of whole coffee beans, use an airtight container or bag. If you use a bag, wrap it in a layer of plastic wrap and another layer of foil.

There are several great types of containers available for coffee storage/freshness retention. Some containers have attached pumps that suck out any extra air. These are quite helpful. Stainless steel coffee vaults are another good option. Many of these contain special valves designed to release excess air. Another type of metal that's ideal for storing coffee is chrome. Both of these metals are non-reactive, and will help the coffee stay fresher. Several types of ceramic and glass canisters are ideal for coffee. When you choose one of these, you want to make sure that light and air can't infiltrate the container.

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